Cheshire's premier car body paint shop

Prospray is recognised as one of the Premier Car Paint, Bodyshop and accident repair centres in the Northwest. Our continued investment in training and equipment enables us to consistently produce outstanding results. 

In keeping with our efforts to employ the very latest paint systems we exclusively use Lechler  Paint Systems. A complete and innovative range of products, created and controlled through ISO 9001:2008 quality system and especially developed to get increasingly closer to all end users’ needs.

The combination of different products allows you to identify specific painting processes that, as well as allowing the user to reproduce a suitable quality level for different situations, also offers the opportunity of maximizing repair painting process productivity by reducing process times and costs.

Chevron Racing Ltd Selects Prospray

Prospray is delighted to be recognised as the official Body Shop for Chevron Racing Cars Ltd, providing a wide range of services including Accident Repair, Spray Paint, Decals and Livery for race meets and shows. 'Our expertly trained spray technicians and our use of Lechler Paint Systems is the key to our success,  I genuinely believe it gives the ability to produce work as good anybody in the country, in terms of quality and price.' commented Andrew Lennie, Prospray M.D.

Posted by Prospray on Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Lechler Paint System includes:

Hydrofan Basecoat System

Hydrofan Basecoat is a system of coloured bases, ready for use without any mixing machine, used to create two-coat car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle colours. This system is composed of a specific colour base range, available in different bottle sizes(1lt, 0,5lt and 0,25lt) according to requirements, for the production of metallic, pearl, solid and effect colours.

Macrofan HS System

Macrofan HS is a polyvalent, logical and modular, tintometric system allowing you to obtain finishes and fillers with different characteristics and performances.It is composed of 31concentrated base colours (MACROBASE), 6 specific binders to create solid colour finishes with different performance and effects and with 5 other binders to obtain coloured fillers/primers of different type and quality.

BSB System

BSB Syistem is a HS matt basecoat system for two-coat METALLIC, MICA/PEARL and SOLID COLOURS, to recoat with colourless clear ACRIFAN/MACROFAN.